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Noord-Kaap Media was established in 2021 after Kathu Gazette and Horison Media joined as one media company combining a digital paper (Horison Media) and a printed publication (Kathu Gazette).

The Kathu Gazette had humble beginnings, before establishing itself as the region first and foremost mining community newspaper. The Kathu Gazette came into life in July 2006, starting out with 2 computers in a tiny office in Kathu.
The first Kathu Gazette appeared on 08 July 2006 with a print run of 5000. It was distributed to 11 destinations. Already on 23 September 2006 we distributed to 15 destinations, and from 17 February 2007 the Kathu Gazette was read at 19 destinations in the Northern Cape. As the days went by, the popularity and validity of the Kathu Gazette only increased, resulting in some more amazing milestones. On 13 October 2007, the print run was increased to 10 500. On 04 October 2008, the Kathu Gazette website launched officially – making the Kathu Gazette the first and only regional newspaper in the Northern Cape to boast a website. 06 December 2008 saw the print run increase to 12 500 and on 31 July 2010, 13 500 newspapers were printed and distributed to 24 destinations. Due to public demand, the weekly print run was then increased to 15 000, making the Kathu Gazette the biggest regional newspaper in the Kalahari region.
Over the years the Kathu Gazette has managed to capture the essence of business development in the region, especially pertaining to news and information about the mines – the lifeblood of the local communities. The Kathu Gazette has faithfully
brought breaking news, results, achievements, events, advertisements and vacancies from the mines and related industries to the people, making it a powerful
tool the industry uses to communicate to its audience.

About Horison Media
Horison Media was established in 2020 as a digital media company with only a monthly digital magazine. We grew to a daily newsflash covering trending news and now also a weekly Horison Gazette covering the news from the Northern Cape.
Horison is the monthly digital magazine covers inspirational stories all over South Africa.

Kathu Gazette and Horison Media now joined as NK Media to give readers more than just news.